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I knew a girl in college who went back to hook up with some 40-year-old guy from the bar and halfway through, he brought out these like giant exotic fur pelts and wanted her to wear them. But both served to fuel the rumor of promiscuity and wild times in The Villages, which by then was frequently being referred to as a quasi-college-like town for seniors who wanted to play hard and party even harder. Today – 13 years after the gynecologist made the statement about STDs that unveiled a sexual revolution of sorts in The Villages and made worldwide headlines – new Villagers still hear the rumors about promiscuity among their neighbors. I will never forget her telling us the story in the morning even though this was like five years ago. And some retirees quickly rethought plans about where to spend the best years of their lives. The New York Post released a story with the headline “Romance and sex.cpm STDs: Inside Florida’s Wild Retirees Getaway.” If Blechman’s book cracked the door open for the STD rumors to roar back to life, the New York Post article flung it wide open and put just about every sordid detail possible on the table.

Blechman’s neighbors had moved to The Villages from New England and he paid them a visit. Blechman then spent time in The Villages and claims to have been at several hotspots and watched seniors swap phone numbers or leave together for the evening. A primary care physician in the community with ties to The Villages brass did his part to kill the urban myth about rampant STDs in the mega retirement community. And it pointed out that with 80,000 residents in the community at the time, it should come as no surprise that a certain percentage would be interested in things like alcohol and sex. In December 2017 – with the STD rumor amazingly still circulating across the community – an article published in Senior’s Health took on the controversy. Statistics from the Florida Department of Health seemed to support the doctor’s claim, as the rate of syphilis and gonorrhea cases in the tri-county area had remained steady from 2000 to 2004. And while cases of chlamydia had risen in Lake County since 2000, the numbers remained flat in Sumter and Marion counties.