Loveland Ski Area Installs New Web Camera On Continental Divide

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The Hawaii Fire Department issued a ‘condition red’ alert on Monday because fissures in the southeast area of the Lanipuna Gardens area were issuing high levels of sulfur dioxide. As of Tuesday, 19 separate fissures had opened up in or near the neighborhood. It comes as webcams placed near the edge of the Kilauea volcano, which have been refreshing every few minutes, showed gases and scorching lava spluttering out as fissures continue to form after more than a week of continuous eruptions. Dozens of homes have been destroyed since eruptions began 10 days ago and officials have ordered the evacuations of nearly 2,000 residents in the region. Lava from a huge new fissure has already torn through farmland towards a coastal dirt road that is one of the last exit routes for free live nude chat some 2,000 residents in the southeast area of the Big Island. We just need the local government to calm down the panic that some of these 2,000 people are feeling, that today, we’re going to be trapped with no way out,’ said Guzman, who left behind a banana farm and rental properties to go stay with friends.

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