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He talks about growth, intimacy and feeling alive. They saw me as a sex toy, and I started feeling very gross. They are able to then customise sex scenes and sex acts in whichever way they desire. Her professional situation improved with new representation but she still isn’t happy with both her standing in the industry, and the way she’s been treated, so Rose has decided to call it quits. Some people would probably say that’s not that big of a deal but with the way she had been treating me, it solidified that they didn’t see me as a human being. And when we had sex, that’s when things got very odd,” says Rose. After requesting she give her a massage, she says Sage then ordered her to perform oral sex on her. Rose alleges that she arrived to their first “meeting” at their home, and Sage was in a robe. “I want to make a difference in this world,” says Rose. On top of that, she says Dave would constantly criticize her body and compare her unfavorably to other adult performers on his roster.

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