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Also, how much of it is interpretation and how much of it is cherry-picking parts of the bible that support a person’s already existing bigotry? It’s all about sensible interpretation arrived at by reading in context, paying attention to genre, and using exegesis rather than eisegesis. Here we go, the most weeaboo class in this book has arrived and- OH FUCK ME THE SAMURAI/RONIN WRITER ESCAPED HIS CAGE AND cam 4 FUCKING WROTE THIS! It is heartening to see the religious posters here rejecting the discriminatory beliefs of the CofE Bishops. I see this in exactly the same way, Bolly. According to you. Thousands of denomination of Christianity could make the same claim. You can communicate with the people of same interests and can make friends and chat on whatever topic you want to. The company mission is to improve people’s lives by enabling people to connect, interact and feel content from anywhere in the world.

People cannot trust everyone they meet in the world to keep them safe. In nutshell search for some like minded people. Our fully mobile compatible chat rooms will even allow you to use your smartphone’s camera to share pictures or stream from your camera just like any other webcam. With a solution that enables intimate physical connections through digital channels, both parties expect the experiences will set new standards in the sexual wellness market. The book has even surpassed the records set by the Harry Potter series. I wonder why this is? Give me a reason why I should believe you and not them. If exegesis allows you to contort the meaning of words to the extent that Genesis becomes compatible with evolution and causes you to say that slavery used to be moral then I think I’ll give it a miss. No Frank. I use exegesis (phew! Got it right!) unlike you. You should try it sometime, Frank. Rational thinking is not your strong point, is it, Frank? You seem to have no idea what rational thinking is, VO.