A Horse Racing Handicapping System Buyer’s Guide

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After identifying a bet, and locating the best odds it critical to stake correctly. Should your bet is a long shot but chances offer outstanding value a rather small stake is advised, compare this to a bet having a more certain outcome. A more stake may be more appropriate as chance of winning is significant. What do we mean by value? Imagine an experiment. A coin is tossed many times. Heads should ‘come in’ comparable thing number of that time period as tails; a 50/50 chance. The true price (chance) of obtaining a head or tail potential 1/1 (fractional odds globe UK) or 2 (decimal odds in Europe). Something bet would result if ever the bookmaker priced a bet where they pay back anything more than what is staked anyone win.

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For example, if without a doubt on Sunderland, it means half of your bet is on 0, and another half of the bet is on -0.5. If it makes sense a draw, you will receive a refund of your first handicap (level handicap) but lose the half ball problem. In short, you lose half with the stake if the game is often a draw.

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The crowd, however, would handicap those two races about the same giving the same weight to such factors as speed, class, form, connections, as well racing essential things. You will understand the crowd does a significantly better job of handicapping the higher purse contests. The reason may be the the higher the purse, the better the quality of horses and also the less cheating by the connections.

With mobile sports betting online, you must exercise caution and look at the odds with over one sports book prior to making a can guess. Discretion is the better part of valor!