A Few Months Later

I tried to get her to go up front but she said she could see just fine, I left to go get drained then and while I was up front that’s when the lucky bastard got to sit down next to her and play with what I can only assume was a very wet box (dam) Meanwhile in other parts of the theater some regular gals were doing their thing with whomever they usually hook up with, all but the one lady in the green dress played but she may come around eventually, (I hope!!) she drips sex ! But the fact that she returned and finally spread her legs was definitely a turn on, since the hottest sex usually comes from women who convince themselves to take the plunge and have sex in front of a bunch of strangers the first time. This post is about the theater action at The Paris on March 13, 2010. I used to write these stories about once a week because I wanted to convey to the group how much I enjoy “adult theater sex”.

This is a repost of a response she gave a reader in a Yahoo Group about the Toronto scene. The lady in the green dress seemed to be amused by the straight forward approach the tranny used. During this time we had some amusement when what is possibly the ugliest tranny in the entire world entered the theater and got on its knees and started blowing the old dudes no one wanted anything to do with, so something for everyone I guess? Guess I’m asking what the line of succession was for Edward had he not abdicated (or even married), continued his reign but remained childless. I guess that’s consistent with most theater action nationwide, (hit or miss) except of course for the temple of all adult theaters (THE PARIS). I sat inside the theater and watched the movie. At one point, the wild one was getting fucked from behind while her husband watched.

I like getting it totally anonymously and from behind, and there’s one room in that place that’s pitch black dark and has a number of couches with big cushy arms to bend over. Who doesn’t like to know that they are desired? The Answers Are Right Here. I am thinking of a hot taboo Mommy fantasy now and I would love to do it with you right this second. Cole is admitting she knew the sex was being filmed, but in her deposition played before jurors during the case this week broke down in tears when she described learning that her second encounter with Hogan had been taped. It was an erection grabbing, adrenaline pumping, E producing, stimulating adult theater sex moment of the first magnitude. When the action is good at an adult theater and everyone is having a good time, I’m in a zone. I was having one of the best porn chat sex chats I’ve had this year. He has an addiction to having sex with prostitutes. There was other stuff going on, but I’m having a hard time remembering the exact details right now.There was a lot of fucking and sucking between the couples with guys close by watching.

On a typical Sunday night there will be 10-15 women there and maybe 50 guys. Of course she’d never been with a man before and likely not with too many women either. As soon as this man blasted his load down skinny dude’s throat, he was out the back door like a rocket. So I went back and saw a very aggressive man face fucking this person and yelling things like “slut” and “pig” while he rammed his dick into this persons mouth. Do you have a report from an adult theater you’d like to see here at The Good Doctor’s Journal? It was worth losing that hour of sleep last Saturday night at The Paris Theater in Portland. No city offers the level of freedom and energy when it comes to “thing thing of our’s” than Portland. If you have never read one of Brent’s reports, then you are in for a treat in the following recounting of last Saturday’s fun in Portland.

We’ll jump straight to the top choices for the best identity theft protection services for ID monitoring, credit monitoring, fraud alert and more, but read to the end to see additional important information and facts about identity theft. I have read her articles over the past few years, and they are something to behold. We already exist! Our smallest parts are also part and parcel of life, the universe, and EVERYTHING! The rest of the exercise routines are no more difficult nor complex than the above technique. Essentially it’s an adult theater without the movie and with a lot more women. You should approach women of all sizes, body shapes and social standing. She was like the energizer bunny and went on until all the guys standing around her were reduced to a mere shell of dried up men. At one point I looked back into the couples section and saw a few guys standing up, looking inside. There were 7 couples playing that night, (not all at the same time) only four couples in action at once. In the world of adult theaters, there is Portland, Oregon, and then there is everywhere else.