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The Javad Hotel lobby welcomes you. Its contemporary style and gentle waterfall invite you to sit and relax. Take a minute to recharge and regroup in one of the lobby’s conversation areas, attractively furnished with comfortable sofas and armchairs. While you’re at it, pick up one of the daily newspapers or check your emails and text messages on our hotel-wide wireless internet.


Front Desk
Javad Hotel’s Front Desk is available 24/7, along with lobby personnel and behind the scenes hotel maintenance and service staff. We are here to assist you at any time. Our Front Desk staff is able to communicate in English, Arabic, and of course Farsi. Moreover, they are knowledgeable and courteous.

Reservation Desk
Our Reservation Desk is happy to help you book future stays at Javad Hotel. Come by to discuss Javad Hotel Membership for special offers available to frequent guests. The Reservation Desk is open during business hours.

Filtered Air System
When you enter the lobby from Imam Reza Boulevard’s bustling sidewalks, take a deep breath. Our central filtering air system constantly introduces and circulates fresh clean air throughout Javad Hotel, from its lobby to the restaurants, corridors and guest rooms. 


Taxi Service

Taxi service is conveniently available in the Javad Hotel Lobby 24/7. Guests may request a taxi  at any time and reservations can also be made in advance. The taxi desk will gladly arrange for transportation to the airport or anywhere else in Mashhad or its outlying areas, such as Torghabeh, Shandiz, Toos/Ferdowsi's tomb, and Neshapour. Long distance service can also be arranged, including pickups in Sarraks.



All guests and visitors of Javad Hotel are greeted by the soothing sight and sound of the waterfall in the Javad Hotel lobby. The contemporary design of the waterfall creatively accents the relaxing and tasteful ambiance of the lobby. It's the perfect backdrop while waiting for your party or taking a minute to regroup.


Questionnaire Desk

Javad Hotel highly values its guests and is appreciative of their feedback on Javad Hotel's accommodations, restaurants, and services. A questionnaire is provided in each room. Upon completing the questionnaire, guests may leave it for pickup by housekeeping. In the lobby, questionnaires are also available and may  be deposited in the Questionnaire Box. Javad Hotel's top management carefully reviews the questionnaires and seriously considers all comments and suggestions as opportunities for improvement. We also welcome compliments and recognition for the hotel staff's dedication and excellent service.

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